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How to Download Facebook Private Videos?

It's normal to save interesting videos from this biggest social media platform, but many people might not know how to download them, especially the private videos. Wonder how is it? Congratulations because you just come to right place. Here is the perfect tool to Download Facebook Private Videos specially made for you to help you for this purpose - The Facebook Private Video Downloader. We prepared this tool with love and you in mind so it will be super easy to use and working well to download your favorite Facebook Private Videos. You don't have to install anything as this is a web based tool. Please follow the instruction below if you need help to use it.

Step #1 - Copy the Video Page Source

The first thing that should have is the Page Source code of the private video you want to download. So, please visit the video, right click and click view page source (or just click Ctrl-U). Select all(or click Ctrl+A) the code and click copy(or click Ctrl+C).

Step #2 - Paste the Page Source into the Facebook Private Video Downloader Box

Now you should already have the Page Source code copied in your clipboard. Head on to the tool above and paste it inside the box.

Step #3 - Download the Video

After you pasted the code, simply click on Download! button. Then, choose your preferred video quality, right click and click save link as. Happy Downloading!

We hope this tool is helpful and working well for you. If you have any problem or question, please don't hesitate to Contact us. Please make sure to bookmark this website and visit often to download your Facebook Private Videos. Don't forget to share our website with your fans, friends and family. Thank you very much!

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